St. Albert Learning Centre

PEACE Program

The PEACE Program, which stands for Personalized, Experiential, Alternative, Caring Education, is an alternative program for secondary students who are disengaged, on a long-term suspension or expulsion, behind in credit accumulation and/or have social/emotional issues. The students learn techniques to overcome obstacles all while earning credits towards their secondary school diploma. They are supported with their social and emotional needs, and learn how to give back to the community through community partnerships.

Students are referred to the PEACE Program through their home school. Administration of the referring school, in partnership with the school-designated Attendance Counsellor, identify potential students and submit a recommendation for admission to the PEACE program

At the end of last year, a proposal was submitted by staff, to bring in a project that would allow these students some hands on learning, and gain business experience. The PEACEPens program was born. The purpose of the PEACEPens program is to help the students to thrive in a non-traditional classroom setting. Through this project, the students earn credits by participating in different aspects of a school-run business venture.

The PEACEPens project involves the fabrication of customized, hand-made, one-of-a-kind wooden pens presented in engraved boxes. After purchasing a wood lathe and laser engraver, the class purchased special pen kits. Each pen, when complete, includes a written description of the program, signed by the student who created it. As well, it includes a description of the wood used for that particular pen. Students are involved in different aspects of the PEACEPens project such as marketing, accounting, promotion and communication, inventory and production.

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