St. Albert Learning Centre

Our School

St. Albert Adult Learning Centre opened its doors in the fall of 1992.

St. Albert was established to provide adults with an alternative setting\ to the usual school atmosphere. It is based on the individual’s needs and each student has an individual path he/she follows. Flexibility of time and program allows for greater success than a traditional classroom setting.

The approach to adult education was and continues to be two-fold:

  1. To identify and meet the academic needs of adults returning to school
  2. To provide on-site and off-site community supports and services to manage the challenges of returning to school.

St. Albert is a unique and thriving educational institution. We have produced literally thousands of graduates. Those thousands of graduates have successfully entered post-secondary education, found employment, and improved their lives. This is indicative of our school’s relevancy and ability to adapt to the changes in our educational system as well as the exceptional teachers and staff who have kept the true spirit of St. Albert alive.

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